Kickstarting A Promising Career As A Pharmacy Technician

Being a pharmacist is a dream that many young students see with open eyes. However, they do not have even the slightest idea about how to achieve it. To enter a specialized field like Pharmacy, they need an expert guidance. Through our website, we are trying to solve as much queries these young aspirants have.

All you wanted to know about this career

Want to be a pharmacy tech? Well, it’s a great time to be one… a career in this field now gives you a chance to be in the fastest growing filed in the medical field. It was never this good before. What with the older population on the increase and with modern ailments affecting people all over the globe, it is now seen as a very great career that has good job prospectus and a bright future as well. It is quite apparent that medical field is a very significant one and also gives one good respect including a respected career as well as a fat salary.

Why Become A Pharmacy Technician:
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Pharmacy tech is a job that requires skill and dedication towards the job. There is full time as well as part time jobs available for technicians who come with formal training and experience. Plenty of job openings are available that result from retail pharmacies and employment in medical faculties and also when there is a need to replace workers and when people change occupations. It is agreed by experts that health services are the largest industries and provides millions of jobs as well as self employment. Almost 14% of all salary jobs can be expected to be in the health services and is predicted to be the fastest growing as well.

Work description

They involved in filing prescription forms, checking the medications, counting tablets, answering phone calls, communicating with patients, reading their prescriptions, helping the pharmacist in storing adequate supply of medicines and labeling the bottles. Apart from these, there are few other jobs that these professionals do which depend on the settings he is working in.

However, all these jobs are to be done under the expert guidance of a pharmacist. The pharmacists will review the prescription before commencing the medication.

Career prospects

Apart from giving respect and a stable income, the pharmacy technician is today, in a very demanding position and this situation will be seen increasing in the near future as well. You can see that there are many hospitals, clinics and other medical health centers coming up in every city and town, which means there is a great rise in patients and illnesses. This leads to better facilities including pharmacies. That is why they are needed to cater to the needs of the rising patients.

The role of the pharmacies is expanding and in turn pharmacy tech’s role is also seen to expand. Yes, there is a good chance that these professionals are seeing bright days and a very bright future ahead. He will have to get involved with patients, network with other health professional and also staying in touch with doctors.

With the right kind of training and experience, they can also be promoted to a higher position of that of a supervisor or else they can seek specialization in various fields or can also pursue further education to be a pharmacist.

A skilled professional in this field can find several jobs in hospitals, clinics, departmental stores, community pharmacy pharmacists store, etc. They can also work in fields like primary care trusts and GP practices.

Entry requirements

To achieve this degree, it is necessary that the aspirant has completed high school diploma or any other relevant degree. However, it mostly depends on the particular university. While some states ask for formal training some need aspirants to pass exams.

Training and registration

Unlike other fields, training for pharmacy technician is a must. As the field belongs to medical health care, it is crucial that aspirants are well trained as they have to deal with medications that involve the health of patients. If aspirants can gain education and certificates, their chances of earning a better job increase many folds. …

What it takes

A good pharmacy tech is detail oriented. He must have organizational skills. It is expected of him to handle customer service. He can be asked for overtime as well. The job needs one to stand the whole day at the counter to cater to the needs of the customers. He should be accurate and very attentive and honest as well.

How to be a pharmacy technician

Since pharmacy is a specialized field, it requires trained and well qualified professionals top work in different situations. Employers are on the lookout for those who are well trained, experienced and come with the right education. It is very important for an aspirant to know how to become one.

A pharmacy technician certification and license will have a brighter chance of getting a better job and higher salary.

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