Being Overweight due to bad Breakfast

What you eat during the day gives your body energy and building materials that day. All that remains is used the night after for regenerating cells in your body. So the next morning there are no more nutrients in your body. The breakfast must therefore ensure that you get enough nutrients to keep it going for a while. If you do not (good) breakfast, your energy value will fluctuate and you will get multiple energy tips during the day.


A fluctuation in your energy value is very annoying because you will get energy dips. An energy dip makes you very tired. You also get hunger and sweet appetite, so you eat a lot of (mostly unhealthy) snacks. This can cause overweight again. The choice of breakfast is therefore very important. There are three choices:

No breakfast: If you do not have breakfast, you do not get any nutrients inside. After a while you get a fluctuation in the energy value. One moment you have a lot of energy; the other moment you have an energy dip.

Carbohydrate- rich breakfast: This is a breakfast with many simple carbohydrates. These carbohydrates work very quickly on your energy value. This means that your energy rises quickly. The problem, however, is that your energy also drops quickly again. Then you get a fluctuation in your energy value. This fluctuation starts earlier if you take a carbohydrate-rich breakfast than if you do not eat anything in the morning.

Balanced breakfast: A balanced breakfast contains a mix of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Examples of such a breakfast are the shakes of Herbal life or Tim fit. A balanced breakfast is almost impossible to get out of food. If you take this breakfast out of “normal” food, you also get a lot of calories at the same time.

Consequences of a carbohydrate-rich breakfast or no breakfast

A carbohydrate-rich breakfast or no breakfast has many bad consequences. Through the energy dips you get hunger and sweet appetite. So you eat a lot of snacks (usually these snacks are not healthy). This can make you overweight. The energy tips also ensure that you are often tired during the entire day. If your breakfast contains little fiber, you can get digestive problems. Breakfast also influences mood, physical and mental performance and health. A good breakfast is therefore very important!

Consequences of a balanced breakfast

A balanced breakfast provides long-lasting energy. So you do not suffer from energy dips. Because of this you will have less sweet appetite and will eat fewer snacks. This therefore ensures weight control. Your digestive system will also work well because of the many fibers that are present in such a breakfast. But a healthy breakfast has even more benefits! Your mood and physical and mental performance will become much better. You can concentrate better and improve your alertness. Of course, your health will also become much better.