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Jason Holmes here. I am an experienced pharmacist and have secured a rewarding career in the pharmaceutical field. I offered hundreds of advices to the pharmacy technician aspirants and helped them to make a successful career path in pharmacy field. I had over 22 years of experience as pharmacy technician and have designed the career paths of many pharmacy technician beginners in a most rewarding way. I have conducted many workshops with variety of pharmacy developmental programs to make a healthy life system to one and all. I am very interested in providing each and every detailed information on pharmacy and its related topics to the individuals who are interested to know it. I would like to encourage all individuals who want to make their career in this field.

I was in this field for many appreciable years performing much more important job roles in the pharmacy field. The awards and rewards secured in my career is the main reason for my huge success in this pharmacy field. I was been on the news of pharmaceutical related magazines and papers for several years as I dealt with many successful cases in my work time. Though I had faced bundles of struggles in my journey to become a full-fledged and top pharmacist, I enjoyed my journey of becoming pharmacist as I was very passionate about it. In addition to my pharmacy work, I am working with this site as I am interested to share my excellence knowledge on pharmacy to all the individuals who are in need of it. We cost nothing for any your queries and will be on the top in proving the ultimate solutions for you.

Good luck to all pharmacy technician aspirants!!! We are here to assist you in making your career a bright and fruitful one. You can react me at Google Plus or you can use this Contact form to get in touch with me.



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