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Pharmacy Technician Books

Pharmacy technician is a comprehensive field. This has made plenty of books available for the profession and the aspirants. There is no particular book which will help in gaining the knowledge but there are many renowned authors who have well written the books on the subjects of pharmacy technician. The pharmacy technician books written by the experts have great market as the number of pharmacy technicians have increased so does the text book material requirement.

Pharmacy technician students may sometimes struggle to get the right book as per their understanding levels. This is because there are various kinds of books required for pharmacy technician field. In case one wishes for the study guides or require the PTCB book then different authors have interpreted concepts in different way. However, when choosing the books for pharmacy technician certification level then few considerations should be thought of.

When buying the PTC books then choice for books should include pharmacy procedure, pharmacy practice, pharmacology, pharmacy math. There are pairs of flash cards available which have strong information about the fundamentals of medications, names and the drug code.

PTC has certain set of the prescribed books which help students in clearing the exams. However no particular can help students in clearing pharmacy tech exams as the syllabus is based on the practical training. The PTC books written by the below mentioned writers have full syllabus covered with all the requirements. It should not make the students search for the left over contents. HIPPA regulations, prescription procedure and calculations should be part of books. There are books which have certain question sets for practice. These books will enable the person in experiencing exam paper.

The pharmacy technician books to name few are:

Comprehensive Exam Review for the Pharmacy Technician by Jahangir Moini:
The pharmacy technician aspirants can always refer to this book. It covers all the topics in summarized fashion. The book is must have for people appearing for Pharmacy Technician National Certification Exam. The book has more than 1200 questions which help in evaluating the knowledge of the user.

Delmar’s Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Review by Patricia K. Anthony:
This is the comprehensive and most apt book for the students preparing for national level, pharmacy technician exam. The book has complete information on all the contents for the PTC exam. This provides practice opportunities and great review of the content which is presented in crisp form for students to understand easily. The book has 14 chapters on science and maths with practical problems. The new edition of the text book includes pharmacology chapters which are new added, having the cumulative papers at end of the book.

Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Review (Delmar’s Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Review) by Lorraine C. Zentz:
This book is comprehensive resource which focuses mainly on the tough portion of the exam. The book has primary content which is easy to understand. It accesses the level of the aspirant. The sets written are in exact examination format which cover all topics like mathematics, pharmacology, pharmacy practice, drug nomenclature, regulations and lots more.

Complete Math Review for the Pharmacy Technician (Apha Pharmacy Technician Training Series) by William A., Jr. Hopkins:
This book is completely filled with easy to solve practice problems with author’s humorous approach which provides encouragement; to the book which is the best training resource, irrespective of the classroom, the book is perfect for the pharmacy practice setting or the national Pharmacy Tech Certification examination.

Mosby’s Review for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination, 2e by James J. Mizner BS MBA RPh:
This book has suggestions and tips which prepare students for success having helpful information and the strategies, way to prepare and expectations

The book has outline format which is useful in quick review of information
There are printed mock patterns in 6 modules which have the national exam content as the main format
Companion CD has practice exam format which is timed having the untimed modes.

Delmar’s Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Review (Delmar Learning’s) by Patricia K. Anthony:
This book is complete review of all the topics which are desired to come in the PTC exam. This book mainly has the math contents which are explained in simple way.

Pharmacy Technician Workbook and Certification Review (American Pharmacists Association Basic Pharmacy and Pharmacology Series) (APhA Basic Pharmacy and Pharmacology) by the American Pharmacists association
This book is practical guide to understand the basic career concepts, principles which are required for being successful pharma tech. The 4th edition is mainly designed simplified learning.

The Pharmacy Technician by the American Pharmacists association and the APhA’s Complete Math Review for the Pharmacy Technician (Apha Pharmacy Technician Training) by William A.Hopkins, jr are other books which provide useful information for PTC.

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