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Pharmacy Technician Certification

More and more aspirants are opting for certification programs. As this job is quite in demand, it has become essential in terms of job opportunities that one obtains a certification from an accredited board in order to complete the course.

Pharmacy technician job outlook

The future in medical health industry is bright, which means a pharmacy technician will be more in demand. The salary is very lucrative and gives a stable job. Increase in older population and the baby boom with increasing modern diseases, medical health care industry is growing at a faster pace as compared to other industries.

Kinds of  Certification

Aspirants can get a certification from any board that is given below as they are accredited and recognized all over the U.S.

  1. PTCB – the board is a recognized one and provides certification in pharmacy technician. It maintains, develops and administers certification along with recertification program for aspirants.
  2. ICPT – This is also a private institution like the PTCB that offers certification course. The board is the first of its kind to get approval for pharmacy technician certification examination that is accredited by the National commission for certifying agencies.
  3. ACPE – It is a recognized board that conducts pharmacy technician examination and provides certification after the aspirants pass the examination.

Requirements for certification

To obtain a certification course, the candidate should be eligible to enroll in the institution. Requirements for certification are :

  1. Age above 17 years
  2. Need high school diploma or GED
  3. Clean police record
  4. Good command over English, Math and science

How to prepare for certification exam

  1. Refer to books that contain syllabus for billing, pharmacology, pharmacy lay, inventory and regulations. Topics like drug classification, technician duties, dispensing process and law should also be studied.
  2. Follow the guides and manual published by the accredited board.
  3. Refer to online and offline quizzes and study material.
  4. A practice exam will also be good that contains questions that may appear in the exam and you can have a good practice.

Advantages of having certification

  1. Better job opportunities
  2. Stable job and a higher salary
  3. Respect within the peer group
  4. Greater chances for promotion
  5. To obtain higher education in pharmacy technician

Difference between certified and non-certified pharmacy technician

  1. A certified tech comes with a certification from an accredited board after passing the exam, while a non certified pharmacy tech does not have a certification.
  2. A certified tech has the knowledge of all the duties and the responsibility that is needed at the drug store. But a non certified tech is an amateur who learns things on the job.
  3. A certified tech gets paid well as compared to a non certified tech. It is essential that all techs must be certified as they play a vital role in the patient’ heath and care. Patients need help from the techs regarding the medications and the drugs and know the right amount of medications to be taken, which only a certified pharmacy technician can explain.

What is a pharmacy specialist board certification?

The Board of Pharmacy specialist is an independent agency established on the campus of American Pharmaceutical association. It has a separate entity from the ACCP. The board is responsible for specialty examination, scoring, administration and other factors that concerns the exam conducted by the board.

Specialty areas

The board of Pharmacy specialist recognizes six specialty areas that are:

  1. Nuclear Pharmacy
  2. Ambulatory care pharmacy
  3. Psychiatric pharmacy
  4. Oncology pharmacy
  5. Nutrition support pharmacy
  6. Pharmacotherpy

Value of pharmacy specialist board certification

  1. The board certification is necessary for the candidate to signify that he has a high level of skills for the job and is a specialist in the job.
  2. The certification also ensures that the candidate is competent enough to dispense drugs and has pharmacy knowledge.
  3. The candidate is recognized as the one who has gained expertise in the field and has additional knowledge, skills and experience.
  4. The candidate has an enhanced feeling of self worth and finds himself competent among his peers.
  5. Board certification helps him to have a competitive edge and obtain better jobs, and a enhanced job security.


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