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Pharmacy Technician Courses

In the modern world medical science has reached a new level and with it there is a drastic increase in modern diseases, ailing population and rise in medical health centers. Therefore a pharmacy technician has assumed a lot more significant position in the medical health industry although, not directly related to it.


For the aspirants it is the best time to think about a career as pharmacy technician as it is the fastest growing field as compared to any other occupation. Apart from having lucrative significance to the job, a pharmacy tech should also be qualified to be able to deal with various types of medicines, tablets, dealing with customers, counting tablets, measuring and other innumerable chores at the drug store. The responsibilities are many, therefore a good education and training is a must.

Educational background

There are plenty of degrees and certification courses available at many colleges and institutes that can provide a good education as well as training. To be a good pharmacy technician, a certification program is very necessary. Today, a well educated candidate is much in demand as he knows the responsibilities, duties and the details of the job. Employers insist that their employee should be trained and have a basic certification.

Pharmacy technician courses requirements

To begin with the candidate should have a high school diploma, after which he can be eligible to proceed to enroll himself in a college or the certification programs. The programs in pharmacy technician are available in colleges, which can be vocation, community, proprietary or technical. There are plenty of courses to be found at online institutes as well. Many online institutes offer online certification course. The certification courses last for six months or a year depending on which course you choose.

Pharmacy technician courses

As mentioned above you can find many types of Pharmacy technician courses that come with different duration. Some of them are given below.

Pharmacy technician certificates:

The certificate program comprises of one year or less. In this course, candidates are taught the basic skills of a pharmacy technician that is to be performed in retail or hospital environment. The certification course does not require prior education and can be taken up after high school diploma. Candidate should have completed high school diploma and no felony convictions during application for the course. The certificate course comprises of various topics that are to be studied like the top drugs in use, human anatomy, pharmacy law, basic pharmacology, drug distribution, virus review and many more.

Pharmacy technician diploma:

Pharmacy technician diploma programs need candidates to have a high school diploma or have a GED equivalency. They should know proper English language and mathematics. They should not have committed any crime. The diploma course comprises of two years of academic study. The topics covered in diploma are communication with customers, interpreting drug orders, using of software and to process prescriptions, complete insurance billing, labeling medicines, bottles, inventory management etc. The program will also help candidates by teaching them core subjects like pharmacy legislation, math, English, physiology along with pharmacology.

A diploma degree will help candidates to take the certification exams as well.

Pharmacy technician associate degree:

An associate degree comprises of two years to complete the course. The course offers an in-depth pharmaceutical knowledge and is recognized as a complex course as compared to the other courses. Candidate should not have a criminal background and should have a drug screening test. The course needs candidates to learn physiology, pharmacy administration, inventory management, pharmacy specific courses, medical terminology, psychology, pathophysiology, computer software in pharmacy, processing and dosages, pharmacy administration and many other relevant topics.

Candidates also have to complete an externship at any pharmacy department approved by the college.

Online courses:

Various institutes and colleges also provide online courses that comprise of a few weeks or months. The online courses allow you to study at your own pace and after the end of the course you can take up the examination by the accredited board like the PTC board or the ICPT board.

There are many other vocational training institutes that can help you earn a certification in pharmacy technician.

Along with a sound educational background, a candidate should also possess organizational skills, good credentials, and accuracy at work.

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