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Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter

Are you searching for a job? Then, cover letter is the best way to convey your experience, skills and training. You have to make an impact instantly and within a short time. Remember, apart from listing your accomplishments, you should also emphasize your personality, which is not seen in any cover letter. When you think of cover letter, it will definitely have a compelling portrait about yourself, a formal introduction about education, experience and of course your skills and talent in the job.

Know the basic format

To begin with, you have to think from the perspective of the employer. You should take into consideration that there will be hundreds of other cover letter lying on his table. So what should your cover letter comprise of so that he can continue reading it? Usually the potential employers will consider the qualification, skills, talents, experience etc. This is where you have to focus so that the employer will take a good look at your cover letter and give you a call.

The body will be in three to four paragraphs. It should be formal with polite tone and to the point. The first paragraph will state the position you have applied for, the second will explain the reason why you are perfect for the job and the third will have your contact and enclosed resume.

Things that should be added in the cover letter

Candidates should always know the name of the company they want to work with and if possible the name of the person who is going to interview them. It adds weight age to the cover letter, which can convey that you have done your homework, and is truly interested in knowing the details also. A good research about the company is the way to begin for a great career. Remember, this will take you one step ahead, as compared to those who have not done their research, and write “whom it may concern”.

Most common mistakes while preparing cover letter

  1. Focusing on the word “I”: Please do not emphasize on your story, instead focus on the company.
  2. Neglecting your plus points: always include your accomplishments and highlight your achievements.
  3. Weak opening: The cover letter should not be boring or without any enthusiasm.
  4. Lengthy cover letter: Make it short, direct and to the point. Let the message reach the interviewer instantly.
  5. Being rude: Remember to thank the reader for the time taken and his considerations.

Do’s in cover letter

  1. Address cover letter to named individual: It would be better instead of writing”whomever it may concern”
  2. Prepare an original letter: Do not prepare one cover letter and send it to several companies, it shows you are lazy and not keen to find the name of the company or the interviewer.
  3. Just one page: Your cover letter should not exceed one page. It should be short and precise.
  4. Proofread: It is necessary that the cover letter is free of grammatical errors.
  5. Sign it: sign the cover letter with blue or black ink pen.

Example of a cover letter

Date: October 19 2012
Jason Holmes, CPhT
345 Main Street
Ducat city, CA 604312

Mr. Jones Albert
Hiring manager
Ducat drug store
Ducat city, CA 999665
Dear Mr. Albert

I am seeking an opportunity to apply for the job, mentioned in the newspaper for the important position of a Pharmacy technician. I have earned an associate degree in Pharmacy technician from JEU University, CA. The position is very ideal prospect considering my experience and my objectives. With the possibility that the job will enable me to achieve the much needed growth with the skills and experience I have attained.

Here is a resume that reflects the vital and progressive experience that I have achieved in my job as a Pharmacy technician at the SRK drug store in Tennessee. I have had a strong bond with my team and managed and supervised a 10 member team. With the skills to work accurately and face challenges, I have been assigned various significant jobs during my tenure at the drug store.

I believe I can contribute in my own way to Ducat Drug store in keeping up with the efficient running of the store and utilize relevant skills for a long term job with your team. I am eager to receive a call from you and give you detail information regarding my integrity.  Please call me at 123-456-7890. I am available any time. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jason Holmes
Enc: resume and cover letter

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