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Today a pharmacy technician is more in demand than he ever was. The job is great if you do not want to get directly involved with the patient, yet want to join the medical health industry.

Job description

  1. Dealing with dispensing medications to customers.
  2. Responsible for keeping a proper stock of medications and drugs.
  3. Answering phone calls and responding to queries regarding the drugs and medications.
  4. Interacting with patients and receiving prescriptions and filling them.
  5. Keeping the details in computer and verifying if the information is accurate and complete.

Demands :

With the increase in medical health care centers, there has been a steep rise for pharmacy techs all over the world. The opportunities look extremely good as the jobs are expected to rise 35%. The demand is due to the growing older population and greater demand for medications. There is also an increase in retail pharmacy.

Skills needed

To be a good pharmacy technician, the tech should have exceptional knowledge of medication, a passion for accuracy, customer service skill and a good knowledge of chemistry, anatomy and math.


They work under the guidance of pharmacists and are offered many benefits like retirement plan, medical insurance, lucrative salary and liability coverage. Apart from these, he is also entitled to flexible hours of working and a promotion in the job.

Job skills in various organizations

Different organizations comprise of different skills on the job. In a retail pharmacy, the tech is required to recognize brand as well as generic names of drugs along with great customer service.  At the hospital or nursing home, he is required to check patient’s chart and also provide the right medications. In a large hospital, the tech is expected to work on a computer to keep updated with the patient’s history. In community centers he is also required to file claims and insurance.

How to land up with a great job

If it is a lucrative job you are looking for, then you should consider some factors that are significant. To begin with it is necessary that you have a sound background. You should have proper qualification that will give you great job and also an increase in your position after a few years of experience. Education is a must and you should have a certification in any kind of pharmacy program. Training while you educate yourself can help you with a great job. There are many institutes that can train you during your education.

The more the education and experience, the better job opportunities you will get. Therefore candidates have to concentrate more on the education and even gain experience to have a bright future as a pharmacy technician.

Apart from education and training, it is vital that you choose yourself a good organization that pays a good salary. A pharmacy tech can work in retail pharmacies, at departmental stores, government pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and many other organizations. The salary depends on which facility you choose. A large hospital has the capacity to pay more, while the smaller organizations might not pay the kind of salary you get in a large organization.


Employment of the pharmacy tech is certainly going to increase by around 33 percent till 2020. This is definitely much faster as compared to the other occupations. Therefore one can easily expect an increase in salary after every few years and job stability as well.

Salary differs from region to region and according to facilities as well. However, the average salary of a pharmacy tech in a hospital is around $ 35,000, which is the highest as compared to other occupation. The salaries might differ based on education as well as experience and training. A well experienced tech can earn anywhere around $60,000 to 70, 0000. But if you live in developed cities, then you also have a chance to earn more as compared to those who work in smaller cities.

While some work part time, most of them work full time and on night shifts as well as weekends.




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