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Pharmacy Technician Programs

Today there is quite a demand for the Pharmacy tech program due to the surge in the pharmaceutical industry. Studies say that there is going to be a steep rise in the coming decade for pharmacy industry due to the increase in the need of medication, and the increasing diseases along with the older population.

What is pharmacy technician program?

  • The pharmacy tech program helps the students by providing practical and technical knowledge and training that will help the technician to function competently and provide his service to the pharmacists in the best possible way.
  • The program also provides students with the right knowledge in various medications, pharmacy calculations, sterile dosage preparations, drug distribution, and many more things that are related to medicine and tablets.
  • These programs lasts around six months or two years programs depending on the program you choose.
  • Training programs covers subjects like the pharmacy terminology, which helps students to study the terms used in the medical field and help them in their work.
  • Basically the students are taught the fundamentals of the language of pharmacy.
  • The next is Pharmacology, which introduces students to the various drugs and their reactions to the body in different ways.
  • The study teaches about the drug properties, nervous system etc, and the use of certain drugs in various diseases.
  • Pharmaceutical mathematics deals about the mathematical concepts that are needed for the job.
  • The study involves calculations, measurements and equations needed to administer the right quantity of drugs to the patients.
  • Instrumentation is another subject that teaches students about the equipment used on the job. They can learn about monitoring the instruments and use of it.
  • The legal aspects of pharmacy are many. One has to study law as well when you study pharmacy. They have to know the rules and the law that are set for the pharmacy technologist.

Is it important to get a certificate in Pharmacy technician?

Most of the pharmacists and the state expect the candidate to have a National certification in Pharmacy technology. It is important the person find out the state’s requirement regarding the certification. A pharmacy tech is required to have a license from the Board of Pharmacy from their state. A certificate from the PTCB or the ICPT is necessary.

However, there is no standard training required to work as a pharmacy technician. But the employers insist on their employees earning a certification course in pharmacy technology. One can earn various degrees in pharmacy technology like:

  1. Certified pharmacy technician
  2. Associate pharmacy technician
  3. Diploma in Pharmacy technology
  4. Degree in pharmacy technology

All the programs differ in their duration and also in their program study. One can choose according to their suitability and complete the program. However, it is necessary to re certify every two years and is also necessary to complete 20 contact hours of course to be eligible of recertification.

Who can be a successful pharmacist?

They have to be  alert, organized, responsible, and observant and dedicated towards his/her work. The candidate should be willing to work long hours if need be and take directions from the pharmacists accurately. Accuracy and perfection is required to be a good pharmacy technologist. As the profession deals with the health of the people, it is required of him to read and deliver the right medications and drugs to the patient. He should also be able to work independently as well if the pharmacist is not present. Strong communication skills and interpersonal skills are required to be a successful pharmacy technician. His job requires him to come in contact with the patients, colleagues, pharmacists, doctors and even other health related professionals.

There are various job facilities that one works in and that is why the pharmacy technician is supposed to adjust to the different settings at work.

What are the duties of the pharmacy technician?

His duties vary in the store like, he has to pack various medications and label them and keep them at the right place. He is also supposed to keep track of the record of the patient. It is required of him to read the prescriptions given by the doctors accurately and deliver them in a perfect manner. He is supposed to prepare sterile products and also help in the billing of the patients as well as crediting the bill on the computer. They also need to process insurance and claims and provide inventory in an updated manner.

As they work in different faculties, their job differs according to their post and even their responisibitlies are different. Their duties are different if he works in a hospital environment, whereas he faces different situation in an assisted living facilities. An outpatient pharmacy technician’s duties are to assist the pharmacists and even assist the patient. The inpatient PT’s job includes medicine preparation and the clerical jobs.

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