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Pharmacy Technician Resume

This is your first impression and the last one. So show your determination, your enthusiasm and willingness in the resume. This isn’t a love letter! So you have to make it short and precise. There is a lot of competition out there, so you should show your uniqueness and try to stand out with your capabilities and strength that you have.  Writing a resume is quite simple, yet the most complex and daunting task as it is an introduction of your education qualification, experience, skill, talent and your overall personality.

Importance of writing a good resume

A good resume will reflect your style of working, the things you are passionate about and the accuracy at which you work in your facility. It is very important to put forth a great resume if you want the interviewer to call you and give you the job. It is the door for your future and a bright career. A good resume is important because:

  • It helps you to get noticed. You only get a few moments and in that period you need to convince the employer that you are fit for the job.
  • The resume can give you a break-through in your career and the much needed push in your career graph. It also tells a lot about you, how you work, where you worked, where you are and what your goal is.
  • It can show your capabilities as a pharmacy tech and how fit you are for the job. It shows your professionalism and makes the interviewer call you.
  • The resume speaks about your work, your experience and how good you are at handling a particular job. It helps to earn you an interview.
  • It helps in self promoting. One can easily promote yourself for the job by showing your accomplishments.

Dos of resume

  1. Give numbers wherever necessary to state your accomplishments, as in, “led a team of 8 members”.
  2. Fill in the most important achievement in the resume
  3. Be precise and short.
  4. Be polite and respectful
  5. Be clear in your format with precise information
  6. Point out your strengths and also experience.
  7. Add your education qualification.
  8. Show a professional attitude, without being arrogant.
  9. Leave your contact number, or email address or home address.
  10. Provide a neat and clean resume.

Don’ts of a resume

  1. Never send a resume with lots of grammar and errors.
  2. A resume should never be lengthy.
  3. Never write vague information regarding your previous jobs.
  4. Never use graphics or colored paper while writing a resume.
  5. Never get informal with the interviewer.
  6. Never write your reasons for leaving the previous jobs.
  7. Do not portray yourself as master of the trade.
  8. Do not include personal information, if it is not asked.
  9. Do not write a two page resume.
  10. Do not send a dirty or scribbled resume.

Given below is a sample resume for entry level resume:

Entry level resume

Jason Holmes, CPhT

                         44 Main Street, Anytown, PT 64444

Phone: 707 202- 4545 *Email: TB @ thisdomain.com

                                              Certified Pharmacy Technician

  • PTC board certified Pharmacy Technician possessing skills and motivation needed in the field.
  • completed five weeks of training at clinical externship and at pharmacy lab.
  • Having the required accurate knowledge for medication pharmacology, prescription processing and calculations.
  • Other experiences include counting cash, customer care and billing.

                                                        Education and Credentials

POP Technical Institute, AnyTown, PT

Pharmacy technician certification, 8/2012

*Graduated from MAUP-institute,

*Passed with “A” grade and completed 160 hours of externship at ABS pharmacy.

* Completed various topics like:

Pharmacology of medications                                                         Medicare and Mediaid Reimbursements

-Calculations                                                                                          -Drug safety guide

-Medication compounding                                                               -Retail pharmacy procedures

-Prescription filling                                                                             -Patient care and Interaction


Trainee License, Vermont state board Pharmacy, 5/2012

Certified Pharmacy technician, 7/2012

                                                           Retail Pharmacy experience

RRH drug store, Anytown, PT

  • Old establishment that is very reliable in the neighborhood and provides complete retail pharmacy and other products.

Cashier, 2011 – 2012

  • Experienced in handling various chores at the drug store.
  • Provided necessary communication skill and helped patient with the drugs.
  • Possess skills needed for accuracy in counting, cash, and credit card processing.

                             Available for weekends and Evening shift job

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