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Pharmacy Technician Schools

A pharmacy tech plays a crucial role and it is necessary to develop some skills that can fetch a job in the same field. Technicians need to assist the pharmacist in collecting patient information, dispensing medicines, labeling prescriptions, etc. He should possess good interpersonal skills as well. The pharmacy schools provide student with  right knowledge and training required for the job role. It also helps to understand the process, to execute the profession in a right manner. The pharmacy tech schools polish the necessary skills in the aspirant.

Prerequisites for joining a school of pharmacy technician and what does it offer :

There is no formal procedure to be a pharmacy technician or set standard for training, but, employers give preference to those students who have a formal training, certification or work experience in the desired field.

To get into schools, most of the states do not require any qualification. A few schools ask for a high school diploma or relevant certification to enroll in the course.

In high school one should take a course in maths, health as well as life science to get into the field easily.

It is important to enroll in a vocational school and choose an online or offline program to get a formal training. In most of the states and one can hunt for the job without a formal training. However, The course helps one to enhance his employability. An internship after the training is helpful. If the college doesn’t allow internship then one can practice in the drug store for hands on experience.

Certification is essential. The exam for the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT) and Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) is also required. For PTCB exam an applicant should not be convicted of any drug related legal matters. It is necessary to continue the education under the two programs for re certification.

Types of schools and choosing the best one :

There are different types of Pharmacy tech schools which offer a lucrative career in the medical field. Several types of schools which offer training are :

  • Vocational Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Military
  • Community Colleges

The course can be completed online or by attending a physical classroom. The online program is preferred more by the students as attending physical classrooms seems quite expensive. The three main reasons for choosing an online program is, convenience, overcrowding and financial matters.

The offline course allows a student to experience live scenarios which an online course does not offer. However, an On The Job training is required after both types of courses which gives the equivalent amount of exposure in the stream.

Selecting the best schools are essential for a successful career. However, choosing a short term course is not a good idea always, because a long term course will cover all the aspects of a pharmacy profession. It is not just about writing drugs but understanding the various uses of drugs is required as well.

There are a variety of organizations which are offering courses. The courses may range from 6 months to 2 years. Therefore, one should choose a school which has an established history of successful professionals. A lot of Pharmacology schools offer internship to the students for gaining experience in the relevant field. Depending on the program, the students receive a certificate, degree or diploma. Thus, one can seek a school which offers internship to the student.

Course content  and career prospects:

The  Pharmacy technician schools will cover different subject areas like, record keeping of the pharmacy, law and ethics required in the pharmacy profession, calculations and conversions, pharmaceutical terminology and non sterile compounding. It is also essential to learn about the actions or reactions of several uses or doses of medicines.

The pharmaceutical industry is growing at a rapid speed and skills of a pharmacy technician is equivalent to that of a medical assistant or a nurse. One can find ample amounts of positions in hospitals, retail Pharmacies, nursing homes, drug distribution companies, etc. Thus one has the privilege of choosing various career paths related to the field. The initial rate offered is 11 dollars per hour and for experienced professionals the hourly rate is 18 dollars. Thus, job placement is at a high priority and the industry is rewarding in every way.

List of Pharmacy Technician Schools

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