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PTCB & ExCPT Certification Guides

Certification Books usually Cover the topics needed for Getting Certified in PTCB and ExCPT. So we bring you the Most Recommended Certification Guides which are Best Regarded the Top Books by the Leading Professors From the Best Pharmacy Technician Schools.

A Comprehensive Approach for the pharmacy technician by Jahangir Moini is more recommended for the beginners and also for Pharmacy Technicians Who are willing to improve their Approach and aim for the Pharmacy Certification. Jahangir Moini

Math for Pharmacy Technicians by Lorraine Zentz Covering all the key Math Features required for certification this book includes all the topics needed by the Students as well as for the Experienced Pharmacists. Lorraine Zenth

Reference Guide for Pharmacy Technician Exam By Manan Shroff offers all the best references required By an student aiming for Pharmacy Certification. Manan H. Shroff

Certification Review by Noah Reifman for the Pharmacy Technicians in his Ninth Edition has Given the Clear and Detailed Practice Exam Papers for PTCbNoah Reifman R. Ph. MS

The Mosby’s Review for Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Covers all the Topics which a student needs to pass through the PTCB and ExCPT Exams. This is one of the most referred Books Which has been voted by students who have Made through the Pharmacy Technician CertificationJames J. Mizner

Review and Practice Exam for Pharmacy Technician Certification by Barbara E. Lacher includes all new features and detailed review for a student aiming for Certification. The latest Edition is One of the most Review books in the Pharmacy Technician Schools. Barbara Lacher

Concise Review for the PTCB Exam by Christopher Ardoin, Brian Tuschl’s book is one of those Which aims to cover the Information Covered in a Pharmacy Certification Test. This book most helps those who are Concentrating More on Certification. Christopher Ardoin, Brian Tuschl

Pharmacy Technician Exam Review Guide By Judith L. Neville is for the students who are ready to take the certification test (PTCE). It Covers the most Important topics required to compete in the Certification Test. Judith L. Neville