How do I quickly and easily remove red wine stains?

It all happens to us sometimes, accidentally you turn your red wine around. And there is a red wine stain on your clothes or on carpet. How do you get it out of your clothes easily and quickly? A few tips

Come quickly in action!

When you are still in time and the wine has just come in on your clothes, try to treat the stain with lukewarm water. It could be that the stain will disappear with only this solution.

Sprinkle salt

Sprinkle salt


Sprinkle some kitchen salt over the red wine stew. Salt has properties to absorb liquids. Let the salt pick up the wine for a while, and the stain is gone! Do this in the following way!
First dab the red wine stain a little dry with for example a paper towel
Throw a thick layer of salt over it
Leave it for some time
Rinse the garment under the tap with cold water
Then throw the garment even more in the washing machine!

Do you want to stop with white wine?

This sounds a bit like a myth, and is weird to spill even more wine, but it really works. Pour over the red wine a good dash of white wine. Leave it for a long time, and then rinse your clothes or carpets well. This way your red wine stain disappears.

Gin, milk and beer

Besides white wine you can also use gin, milk and beer. Pour some gin, milk or beer over the red wine stain. Leave it for a long time, then withdraw well and then rinse the stain well. And away is your red wine spot!
Pay attention! Cold milk does not work, only hot boiling milk.

White vinegar

Rub a little vinegar over the red wine stain immediately after the accident has occurred. Wash the garment afterwards on a normal stand and if it is good the wine stain is gone!

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